Artwork scanning and digital capture are the two methods we use to create the highest quality digital file of your artwork. Both methods create digital files of your artwork. For small originals, we get the best results from our flatbed scanner. Larger originals must be digitally captured using our capture system.

For most originals we use our digital capture system to create the highest quality digital file of your artwork. The capture system allows us to scan originals that are physically larger than a scanner (generally limited to 12″ x 18″ or smaller) and create enlargements that are 200-300% of the original size. The lighting is controlled and can be optimized to enhance brushstrokes and other details. We use a suite of color matching software that allows for best possible color match to the pigments of your originals. For reflective materials we cross polarize the lights to eliminate or control reflections. It’s a well tuned system that records the subtle hues, delicate details, and color fidelity of your original artwork.

Smaller pieces (12″ x 18″ and smaller) are scanned and color matched to your original using our custom profiles and color reproduction targets. The resolution, sharpness and color fidelity are excellent. We would choose our capture system instead of the flatbed for original pieces that are fragile, or have heavy relief/texture.