What kind of paper do you recommend

Paper choice is very subjective, and we encourage you to experiment to see which one works best for your aesthetic. Here’s some favorites to get you started:

For Photographs:

Epson Semimatte: Closest match to a traditional resin-coated color darkroom paper, but more archival than traditional color paper. Has a plastic base and satin finish.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta: This paper has a lovely semigloss surfaces and thick cotton base. Photo Rag Baryta is available up to 60″ wide.

For Giclee, watercolors, illustrations, and non-photographic artwork:

Epson Hot Press Bright: Super smooth, thick watercolor paper with no gloss whatsoever.

Hahnemuhle William Turner: Thick, textured mold-made paper with a very toothy (rough) finish. Lovely and unique, great when you want to match a rough cold press paper.

For Giclee paintings and Large Photo Prints:

Epson Exhibition Satin Canvas: Great for stretched gallery wrap canvas prints or reproductions of a oils or acrylics. Also good for photographs.

For more information, see our paper guide.

Fine Art Digital Printing Paper Guide