Use Lightroom to prepare files for printing

Here’s an overview of how to use Lightroom to prepare your files for our Direct to Print service. The upload tool accepts jpegs or tiff files, up to 100mb in size.

(If you’re looking to order Piezography black-and-white prints, click here for directions.)

  • Remove any dust, blemishes, sensor dust, and anything else that should not be in your final print.
  • Adjust density, contrast, color balance, saturation, etc.
  • Ensure your file(s) are sharp and in focus.

Next, export your file in jpeg or tiff format. For best results with jpegs, save with maximum quality (12) setting.

  • Image Sizing: Uncheck “Resize to Fit”.
  • Output Sharpening: Uncheck

Next, upload your images. You can upload jpegs or tiff files, up to 100mb in size.

Upload and Order