All about our icc profiles and color management

We use state of the art color management practices and process control in our studio.

Our printer profiles are made with an X-Rite Isis or Barbieri spectrophotometers; they offer a higher degree of accuracy than the i1 Pro or Colormunki devices. They also allow for superior profiling of rough and bumpy media like canvas or heavily textured fine art papers that can prove difficult for handleld devices to measure without errors. They are available by request for softproofing.

Our default rendering intents are Perceptual intent for color images. Black and white images printed on Canon printers are printed with Relative Colorimetric intent.

Our printers are calibrated and verified regularly to ensure consistent and accurate print output.

Our displays are hardware calibrated NEC Spectraview monitors. Visitors to the studio will see our Just Normlicht viewing stations and bank of gallery lighting for print evaluation.