Sample kits and test prints

Sample kits and test prints will help you choose the best paper for your images. Read more about how to use them.

Sample kit

What is a sample kit? A sample kit contains pre-printed using the exact same printers, papers and inks we print on every day at the studio. It allows you to see and feel the media types via sample images we provide. The sample kit includes a $20 gift card when ready to place your first print order.

Order Sample Kit Here


Test prints

What is a test print (also called a proof)? A test print is a print of your image using the same printer and same paper you intend to use when you make your final print. Usually proofs are made at a reduced size (typically 8″ x 10″). This allows you to see exactly how your image will look printed on the paper you choose.

When to choose a sample kit vs a test print

A sample kit is a great place to start because you can see and touch each type of paper, and see the differences in the media for yourself with images from our library. As you get a sense of what papers you like, and prepare to place orders, then we suggest ordering test prints. They’re not mandatory, but helpful –  especially if it’s the first time working with us, or you’re placing a large order of an image you’ve never printed before.

Test prints are essential if you want to see how your image will print on a specific paper. Make test prints (also called hard proofing) has always been a part of fine printmaking. Even the best computer displays will always look slightly different than a print. Nothing beats a test print to see the image exactly as it will print on paper. Here’s more information on how to order and use test prints