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Below is a guide to the fine art digital printing papers that we regularly stock. We’ve chosen these papers because they offer a broad range of surfaces and thicknesses for printing photographs and other fine artwork, and have been tested by us with years of printing for artists, galleries, and museums. We also list what sizes they are available in, along with what types of images we recommend printing on each paper.


Fine art prints on matte papers are excellent for reproductions of paintings and 2d artwork, as well as photography. These luxurious thick cotton papers are reminiscent of watercolor papers, and have no gloss whatsover. Their surface textures range from smooth to coarsely textured. These are most often requested for artwork reproductions, digital illustrations, or paintings.

  • Epson Hot Press Bright is 100% cotton, archival, and has a lovely ultrasmooth surface. It prints gorgeous saturated colors with the deepest velvety blacks of all matte papers. Its quality is often compared favorably with Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 & Photo Rag Ultrasmooth, but part of what we and so many of our clients love about this paper is its comparative affordability. Up to 60″ by any length.
  • Epson Cold Press Bright is 100% cotton, archival, and has a lovely textured surface. Holds a lot of ink and is one of the few textured papers available in 60″ width rolls. Up to 60″ by any length.
  • Hahnemuhle William Turner is a mould-made 325gsm fine art paper with distinctive finish. It is the most textured paper we offer, and most commonly used for fine artwork reproductions. Up to 44″ wide by any length.


Fine art prints on baryta papers are excellent for photographic images. Baryta papers are luxurious thick cotton papers with a semi-glossy surface. These papers are reminiscent of double-weight fiber papers used in the black and white darkroom. These papers are commonly used for printing photographic images and rarely used for artwork reproductions unless a gloss paper is preferred.

  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta is our favorite choice for photographic printing. Cotton base, smooth semigloss finish, OBA-free natural color base. Prints up to 60″ wide.
  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta Satin has natural whites, deep blacks, and a silky smooth surface. 300 gsm, 100% a-cellulose, OBA free.  Up to 44″ wide.
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic is a silvery-shimmering FineArt inkjet paper with a specially formulated inkjet coating for Fine Art use. The natural white cotton paper contains no optical brighteners and has the characteristic Photo Rag® surface structure and sumptuous feel. Photo Rag® Metallic features a special silvery-shimmering gloss surface finish. 
  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta has extremely bright whites, deep blacks, and a visible distintive texture. 325 gsm, 100% a-cellulose.  Up to 60″ wide.


Photo Paper prints are excellent choices for photographic images on glossy and semimatte papers. They have a resin-coated base, and have a plastic-like feel in the hand, much like a traditional color darkroom print. Our Canon large-format printers use 12 separate inks with multiple black and gray channels to create photo prints with superior color gamut, resolution, dMax, sharpness, and archival performance. These papers are designed for printing photographic images and are not recommended for artwork reproductions or digital illustrations.

  • Premium Semimatte is a RC (resin-coated, plastic base) paper with a satin low-gloss finish that is very similar in surface to Fuji Crystal Archive matte paper. Essentially, this is an inkjet version of traditional photo lab paper, but has a thicker (260gsm) base, broader color gamut, and better archival performance. Premium Semimatte has excellent color gamut and dMax (deep blacks). Best for photographs, not recommended for artwork reproductions, paintings or digital illustrations.
  • Premium Glossy is a RC (resin-coated, plastic base) paper with a glossy finish that is very similar in surface to Fuji Crystal Archive Gloss paper, but has a thicker (260gsm) base. This is our go-to paper when you want a very glossy finish, or require a smooth surface for face mounting to acrylic. Premium Glossy has excellent color gamut and dMax (deep blacks). Best for photographs, never used for artwork reproductions or digital illustrations.


A unique look and a great option for large prints, scaled-up images, and giclee prints, canvas prints offer a clear and intimate presentation without glass between your artwork and your audience. For a contemporary look that also saves on framing, we can stretch your finished print and wrap the edges to conceal the sides of the stretcher bars in an elegant gallery-style wrapped canvas. The edges of your image are carefully extended to conceal the sides of the stretcher bars.

  • Epson Exhibition Satin Canvas is a heavy 430gsm canvas designed for fine art photographs and artwork reproductions. It’s satin finish offers deep blacks and a rich color gamut. Its coating is specially engineered for gallery wrap stretching and museum-quality prints. Available up in stretched canvases up to 54″ wide by 120″ in length.
  • Ultraflexx TrueCanvas for oversize prints (larger than 54″ on the short dimension, and lengths over 60″) contact us for a quote.

Click “Upload and Order Prints” to upload your jpegs or tiffs (up to 100mb) for printing. Our upload to print tool will also calculate custom sizes, quantity discounts, as well as preview frame options!