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Color Management // Workflow Consulting


Hi! I’m Brad Boca, the founder of Candela Fine Art Printing. With a passion deeply rooted in the artistry of printmaking and an unparalleled expertise in color management, I offer a specialized service for artists, photographers, and creative professionals. My journey in the fine art and photography industry has been driven by a singular mission: to bring every creator’s vision to life with the utmost fidelity and vibrancy.

At the core of my consulting services is a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced challenges involved in producing the highest quality prints and scans of artwork. Whether it’s a delicate photograph or a bold fine art piece, I understand that every detail, every hue, and every emotion is captured and reproduced with precision.

Recognizing the critical role of color accuracy in digital workflows, I offer expert guidance in calibrating printing systems and outfitting printing studios. This includes hands-on assistance in selecting the right equipment, setting up your space, and training on the best practices to maintain color consistency across your projects.

For those looking to master their own imaging pipeline, I provide tailored solutions to color manage workflows and troubleshoot any issues that arise. My approach is holistic, ensuring that from capture to print, your creative output remains true to your original vision, with colors that speak as vividly as your art does.

Collaborating with me means not just making exceptional prints, but also empowering yourself with the knowledge and tools to sustain the highest standards of quality in your work. Let’s work together to elevate your art and craft prints that not only preserve but enhance the beauty of your creative expressions.


Color Management

Manage your imaging pipeline for consistent color across your printers, monitors and devices.

Calibration & Profiling

ICC profiling services and training for printing on variety of medias.


Get hands-on help with workflows and digital imaging tools like Photoshop.

Member, Color Management Group
Idealliance G7 Certified Expert
Hahnemuhle Certified Studio for Printing
Hahnemuhle Platinum Certified Studio
Canson Certified Print Lab
Canson Certified Print Lab