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Here’s what clients say about working with Candela Fine Art Printing:

“For my entire career I was a die-hard analog darkroom printer and I had been waiting for the materials and the machines to get to a level that could meet what I was making in the darkroom. And then I met Brad Boca and Candela Fine Art Printing. I gave him a challenge of making something that could meet my standards of being a craftsman myself for twenty years. The challenge not only included making great prints, but doing it at a pace that could meet the demands of my galleries and exhibition schedule. I am very happy that Candela is able to give me the fine quality that is essential and does it in a way that makes it easy to work with them.”

— Todd Hido

“I have been a working exhibiting photographer since the 1960s and used every lab in Northern California (current and defunct). Working with Brad Boca and Candela Fine Art Printing has been a dream come true. My images, be they color or black-and-white, have never looked better. And that’s saying a lot coming from someone who hand-printed all his own black-and-white prints for four decades, and worked with many of the best pro labs on the West Coast for color printing.”

— Roger Minick

“Candela Fine Art & Brad Boca are extremely talented, professional and collaborative. I have been working with Brad for all my drum scans on various photographic campaigns for Converse, Quiksilver and personal projects. Brad has also been handling a lot of my printing for exhibitions. He oversaw all the printing for my solo show in Malibu, as well as my prints for a group show in NYC. Brad is very attentive to details, fair in pricing and always comes through when you need him. I’m so lucky to have this as a resource here in Oakland. Brad knows film and understands how to work with it.”

— Andrew Paynter

“When I first met Brad I realized I had finally found the person to help me create beautiful pigment prints from my film negatives. I am an expert at chromogenic printing so I am very fussy about color. Brad is patient and has just enough dry humor to make working together a pleasure.”

— Janet Delaney

“Wow, Brad! A thousand thanks for your scanning and printing of my Rag Theater images. I will say that I was a bit nervous about having someone else print my work but you showed me the light–the prints are beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for your expertise (and your patience with my requests for image tweaks). You have a customer for life.”

— Nacio Jan Brown

“Brad has been so great to work with throughout the process of creating prints to match the quiet and subtle colors that I want to bring out in my body of work from Antarctica. I have found that Brad’s technical skill and printing sensibility results in beautiful prints that can seamlessly be exhibited next to each other, especially in comparison to previous endeavors I’ve made to get high quality scans and prints from other labs and digital darkrooms. In addition to his knowledge of digital scanning and print processes, his experience in contemporary art and photography informs his ability to make exhibition quality work that is quite beautiful.”

— Michelle Ott

“Brad literally made it possible for me to get into the International Center of Photography’s Documentary and Photojournalism program. A week my application and portfolio were due I accosted documentary photographer Ken Light in his office at the City College of San Francisco for submission advice. After looking at my color darkroom prints I had been slaving over in the darkroom, he told me that it may be possible for me to get into the program, but that my prints needed serious help! In total panic I called Brad. It was either that day or the next that I arrived at his studio, and we spent the next week collaborating on every f*****g detail (for someone who couldn’t print her own work I was totally particular!). Brad’s technical skill is so over the top that I’m still amazed by it (even after my years in New York City and going through the ICP program). Add Brad’s technical ability to his artistic bent, patience and wicked sense of humor… he makes an ideal co-conspirator. Working with Brad was a total pleasure, my prints were beautiful and he made it possible for me to get into school.”

— Talia Herman

“Brad helped me upgrade my printer and print my recent solo show in France. Brad recommended replacing my problematic Epson 4800 with a 24″ Canon printer for my home studio, and assisted my transition from Epson to Canon printers and software. I asked him to help me print for my upcoming show because I saw that he could make better prints of my photos than I could myself. I continue to be amazed at the richness and details he got from my files and translated into beautiful, exhibition-grade prints.”

— Gail Skoff

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