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We have two ways you can order prints. For most orders, use our Upload and Order tool to submit your print-ready files for printing.

To start a custom print order (or need to upload files larger than 100mb) use our Manual Order form.


For Artwork Captures please book a dropoff appointment.


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Direct-To-Print vs Custom Printing

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Whats the difference between your Direct-to-Print and Custom Printing services?

Both our Direct to Print service and Custom Printing service use the exact same large format printers, archival inks, and fine art papers. Direct to Print is our more affordable service for you to upload your files for printing. Custom Printing gets us involved in editing.

Direct to PrintCustom Printing
A straightforward, easy to use serviceWork directly & collaboratively with our master printer (in person or remotely) to make the best possible fine art prints.
You prepare your own files for printing and save $Have us optimize your files for printing
We provide guidelines for you to prepare and upload your own filesWe work closely with you to match and realize your preferred density, contrast, color balance, sharpness, etc.
Uses the exact same printers, inks, and fine art media as our custom printing service, but does not include scanning, editing, retouching or proofing. You can order test prints and magnification strips to your order, allowing you to check sharpness, color balance or experiment with different paper types.
Prints are available up to 60″ by any length. Prints are available up to 60″ by any length.
Turnaround time = typically 4 business days.Turnaround time varies depending on project.
Orders can be picked up from our studio or shipped.Orders can be picked up from our studio or shipped.

Direct to to print service is our straightforward, easy to use printing service for files prepared according to our file submission guidelines. There is no retouching, test prints, scanning, or proofing included with Direct to Print orders, which is why using the Direct to Print service is less expensive than our Custom Printing service. If there’s an issue with the prints as a result of something you did in the file preparation, you’ll need to readjust your files, and make another print at your cost. This includes, but is not limited to: brightness, contrast, color balance, image resolution, focus, sharpening, dust/sensor spots, and cropping.

For Direct to Print orders – we encourage you to test before ordering large prints, or ordering a large print run – simply upload your files for Direct to Print orders, and order a smaller size print using the same paper you’ll choose for your final prints. 

Custom Printing is our specialty. You work directly with our master printmakers to create the best possible fine art prints. We handle all the image editing and color adjustments, file clean up and optimization, and preparation for printing. Drum scanning is available for an additional fee. Proofing is critical – a test print or magnification strip is included to review appearance and sharpness before producing the final prints. Your files are archived in your user account for easy re-ordering. Custom Printing allows you to tap into our fine art printing skills and technical expertise, and help you realize your artistic vision.

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