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How to Start an Order


We have two ways you can order prints. For most orders, use our Upload and Order tool to submit your print-ready files for printing.

To start a custom print order (or need to upload files larger than 100mb) use our Manual Order form.


For Artwork Captures please book a dropoff appointment.


Drum scanning film? Order here.


Something else? Call or email us, or get in touch with our contact form here.

How do I upload a Camera Raw file for a direct-to-print order?

Categories: Custom and Exhibition Printing, General Printing Questions

Raw files are not accepted for direct-to-print service, nor can raw files be uploaded through our direct to print tool (it only accepts JPEGS or TIFFS).

To upload a raw file for custom prints, use the custom printing order form. It will walk you through the information needed to start the order and how to submit the files to us.

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Brad is the founder of Candela Fine Art Printing and loves the smell of KAMI drum scanning fluid in the morning.