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We have two ways you can order prints. For most orders, use our Upload and Order tool to submit your print-ready files for printing.

To start a custom print order (or need to upload files larger than 100mb) use our Manual Order form.


For Artwork Captures please book a dropoff appointment.


Drum scanning film? Order here.


Something else? Call or email us, or get in touch with our contact form here.

Direct to print and test prints

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I\’m uploading files for a direct to print order. How can I see a test print or proof of my image?

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What is a test print (also called proof)?

A test print is a print of your file using the same printer and same paper you intend to use when you make your final print. Usually proofs are made at a reduced size (typically 8\” x 10\”). This allows you to see exactly how your image will look printed on the paper you choose.

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Why make test prints?

Making test prints, also called hard proofing, has always been a part of fine printmaking. Even the best calibrated displays will always look slightly different than a print. It\’s true you can soft proof on a calibrated display but nothing beats a test print to see the image exactly as it will print on paper.

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How to make a test print

  1. First, upload your image Then choose the image size you want your test print to be. 8\”x 10\” is a common size, but some clients prefer larger or smaller sizes, so choose whatever works for you! In tab 1 (Paper Type) choose your paper type – this should be the same paper you will print your final image on. Then proceed through the rest of the ordering tab and place your order
  2. After your order is placed, we\’ll print it and send it to you.
  3. After you receive your print, review it and ensure it looks the way you like. If it does, go ahead and order the full size print. If it doesn\’t look the way you thought it should, you can edit the image and upload a new version to our site, and order another test print (or if you\’re feeling good about your edits, order the full size print).

Alternatively, you can upgrade your order to a custom print and we can make the changes for you.


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Meet The Author

Brad B
Brad B
Brad is the founder of Candela Fine Art Printing and loves the smell of KAMI drum scanning fluid in the morning.

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